• Childcare Training

    We offer Child Care Training to improve the quality of child care. Continue reading to find out more about our child care training.

  • family strengthening

    FCFS offers programs formulated to strengthen families. Continue reading to find out more about our Family Strengthening programs.

  • Childcare Quality

    In order to thrive, children need nurturing, responsive relationships and a supportive learning environment, both within and outside the home.


Great Reasons To Choose Us

After an alarming realization that one in seven children in South Carolina is not ready for first grade, the General Assembly created South Carolina First Steps to School Readiness in 1999. Currently First Steps is the states only entity focused exclusively on increasing school readiness outcomes for all children ages 0 to 5.


Florence County First steps serves as a county partnership to the State Office of First Steps. We provide a full service of programs in an effort to support the families, children and child care providers living in Florence County.